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Before coming to Love Laser, I had doubted how effective laser hair removal really was. I had a painful and ineffective experience elsewhere but did not want to give up on laser hair removal just yet, as it was something I had been looking into for a long time. Joyce at Love Laser gave me the experience I had hoped for and more! Joyce is an expert in this field; she is extremely skilled and knowledgable. She made the procedure easy, effective, and painless. After four sessions, I am almost completely hairless! I give Love Laser five stars and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for quality laser hair removal. 

Alison K.

 I bought a package for this facility and I felt like I found a real gem.  It is a very clean and professional facility. The technician was fantastic, she was very friendly and really good at her job. It's easy to make an appointment, plus the laser treatments have been very effective. Great job!

Rosario M.

This is the place I've been coming for the past few months. Joyce, the technician who has cared for me has been a godsend! Her touch is gentle (the treatments require a semi-gynecological approach, depending on how hairless you'd like to be) + she's got a great sense of humor, which gets you through the increased settings on the laser. Know that Joyce will take the best care of you to get rid of pesky hairs in places you no longer need them.

Atlanta F.

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